GMO Internet Group announces bitcoin app for mobile games

Posted 01 June, 2018

Japan's  GMO Internet Group has developed a mobile application titled  CryptoChips in which users can play and earn bitcoin at once.

The new application will be integrated into online-game Whimsical War, the company press-release says. On the IOS and Android, users will receive bitcoins as a reward for the ranking and completed missions in the game beginning from this August. 

"As the first initiative, CryptoChips will be mounted on the real-time territorial battle game “Whimsical War,” and we will launch the distribution of Bitcoin in accordance with player rankings in the game in August 2018," according to the press release.

As a result, the players will receive coins just from GMO and this is not a mining on the device. For reference, the company has been mining bitcoins since December 2017 and intends to launch cloud mining business this August as well.

The developer stated that this initiative is aimed to hook broad people range up with cryptocurrencies, as they will have to use wallets to receive and use coins. It has also added that it is possible that the service will support more coins and can be integrated into other mobile games in the future.

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