Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange announces cryptocurrency trading unit

Posted 24 July, 2018

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has reportedly opened its cryptocurrency branch.

With successful KYC/AML verification, the users on GBX Digital Asset Exchange will get access to the trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and GBX Rock (RKT) token against the US dollar.

"Today marks the most exciting development on the GBX journey thus far and is a significant indication that Gibraltar is open for business. The launch comes at a time when the cryptocurrency and token markets are reaching a new stage of maturity," commented  Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.  

The new project is reportedly designed as the digital coin exchange with firm grounds for a listing of utility-tokens. The company has set zero fees on the platform to celebrate the inauguration of GBX Digital Asset Exchange.

The project ICO was held in 2018. The market cap of RKT is some $30 million; the token can be used in line with several scenarios. According to the reports, the RKT token is said to be considered as the main instrument for transactions on the project. The tokens will be used for payments of different fees as well as for donations.

"As a part of our continued work towards facilitating greater cryptocurrency trading accessibility and reliability, we shall be launching the official GBX mobile application in the near future, bringing a world-class Digital Asset Exchange to the fingertips of our community of users," added Nick Cowan. 

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), the EU-based regulated exchange, has become the first exchange of this type to launch crypto trading.

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