German private bank to offer crypto trading services

Posted 23 August, 2018

German-based offshore bank – Valens Bank – is said to enter into an agreement with the subsidiary of  Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Sweden's Blocktrade Technology Ltd. (BTT) to use Crypto Trading Toolbox for cryptocurrency trading.

Notably, Valens Bank will be able to use the provided software (Crypto Trading Toolbox) only for crypto fund trading under the contract.

"We are proud to deliver our first license deal with Valens Bank. The agreement is perfectly in line with Blocktrade Technology's strategic goals and approach for Institutional investors and banks who aim to offer great returns on investments...this agreement is yet another proof of concept and what we believe to be one of many high-value deals to come this year," commented Fredrik Waijnstad, Managing Director Blocktrade Technology.

The official inauguration of the new instrument is slated for this September. At present, the companies are working through all details to secure a smooth launch.

"We are confident that this software will offer great value to clients and give pro-traders the market edge all are looking for. We have made a thorough due diligence of the BTT software in live trading situations and are amazed by its performance," said Valens Bank representative.

Under the license contract, BTT will receive a 1.5% annual fee on the amount deployed on the platform.

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