Gemini certified in NY state, big donations detected

Posted 19 July, 2018

Gemini exchange run by the Winklevoss twins has got license for crypto business in the New York state.

According to the news reports, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss donated $100,000 to the Cuomo campaign in the state. At the same time, just a month after the exchange got greenlight for the business in the NY state. After that, the twins contributed another $30,000 for the re-election campaign of the state governor.

This series of the events seems quite questionable and some mutually beneficial background can be traced. However, people in the know say there is no indemnity basis.

The twins representative stated:

"Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have supported — and continue to support — many effective leaders around the country...They contributed to Gov. Cuomo’s campaign because they believe he’s doing a great job, is a problem-solver, and is definitely the right person to lead New York in the years ahead".

As for the Cuomo office, the spokesperson said that they welcomed their support, but despite rumours the government decisions could not be driven by donations regardless of the amount.

At the same time, Winklevoss did not support Cuomo during his previos election campaign.

After the careful consideration, the NY authority also approved business of itBit exchange along with Gemini.

As the records show, the twins made donations only to two officials – Cuomo and former state Senator Dan Squadron.

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