Gate.IO rolls out crypto wallet

Posted 16 November, 2018

Gate.IO exchange announced a new crypto wallet project – Wallet.IO for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

According to the press release posted on the company website yesterday, the new storage solution is said to feature a higher level of security, similar to that offered by the banking system. Specifically, the new wallet will require multi-verification, including 2FA and Google Authenticator.

"Unlike traditional personal wallet solutions, Wallet.IO uses a balanced approach to keep users money safe," stated the company.

Besides, Wallet.IO is said to be powered by the data synchronisation, so users will be able to synchronise the data on all their devices automatically.

" enables enthusiasts to trade and store assets in over 100 of the leading cryptocurrencies. "

Notably, as the company noted, the users can authorize in the Wallet.IO via their account on the exchange.

“We launched Wallet.IO to help our users easily follow our recommendations to keep their funds safe. We recommend that users only keep the amount they wish to trade on our platform and store the rest of the funds in a secure wallet,” commented Virgilio Lizardo, Vice President of International Affairs at Gate.IO 

The press release reads that this wallet does no use assets in the account, while all data records are kept on the blockchain, which prevents possible fraud and reduces the risk of illegal access.

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