Game Stars cybersport platform to float token sale

Posted 08 May, 2018

Multifunctional blockchain-based gaming platform Game Stars is about to launch complex structure of cybersport market. It will be aimed at uniting cyber-sportsmen and people who want to make money on cybersport.

NewZoo study showed that cybersport companies will manage to raise revenue to $905.6 million this year, while the number of cyber-sportsmen can reach 557 million.

Game Stars spokesperson stated that it is hard to improve the market infrastructure for development given high-pace market upturn, and thus beginners cannot grow professionally without corresponding sponsorship, while managers have few ways to generate money from a cyber sportsman progress.

The developed platform is said to be aimed at a wide audience – the team tried to provide the solution that could the current sector problems as much as possible.

According to the reports, cyber-sportsmen may take part in tournaments and get additional funds for development, whereas sponsors investing into promising gamers will enjoy interest earnings.

Game Stars will hold a token sale, with pre-sale being in progress already. GST tokens emission will amount to 500 million. Notably, all issued tokens are to be sold during the sale, though all unsold ones will go out automatically.

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