Fraud suspected on BitForex

Posted 14 August, 2018

BitForex reportedly froze MFG token trading just after 13 days from the start. There were no notifications or announcements on the platform. At the same time, for now, the token has disappeared from the listing, while BitForex probably still holds some deposits. As a result, users express concerns that the platform can illegally grab money.

BitForex launched trading of token SyncFab (MFG) in mid-July and then delisted the token without a word. For now, the company spokespersons note that such decision was driven by a vulnerability in token's smart-contract.

However, MFG can be monitored on other platforms like IDEX, CoinExchange, Bancor Network, etc. The current price stands at some $0.0059 and capitalization – $949,416. At the same time, this month the provider of BitGo wallet voiced the support to MFG.

The exchange offers deposit services for different tokens, but only some of them are active. It is worth mentioning, that BitForex took the lead in terms of sales volumes in August, leaving behind even such giant as Binance. As for the most active markets, BTC remains the key one with daily trading reaching $2.68 billion.

At present, the exchange does not accept orders for a number of cryptos. For example, the airdropped token No Bullshit Crypto Token is unavailable for ordering on the platform. A similar situation can be seen with other tokens.

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14 August, 2018 16:22

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Jamaica Stock Exchange announces cryptocurrency trading

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