Firefox 69 starts blocking user tracking on the web

Posted 05 September, 2019

The new version of Firefox now blocks cookies and cryptocurrency miners by default. To disable the corresponding restriction, users need to change the settings in the settings. Representatives of the Mozilla Foundation recommended that all browser users upgrade to the latest version. 

Firefox developers report that a new option in the form of advanced protection against tracking makes it possible to protect the device from hidden mining. A new type of fraud has recently developed so much that it is almost impossible to notice the use of equipment for making money without the user's knowledge. The new solution may cause inconvenience when surfing the Internet but will protect against the actions of attackers. Users can always change the settings in the corresponding tab.

Also, experts decided to block all cookies from third-party trackers. It is noteworthy that approximately 80 percent of users already turned off access to temporary storage, which is why this innovation will not cause them any discomfort. Earlier, a similar initiative came from the developers of Apple Safari and the browser Brave.

Experts do not hide the fact that through current updates they are trying to regain the lost segment of the market, which switched to Google Chrome. The decline in popularity of Firefox began in 2018, when the browser lost more than 5 percent of users. Many called the cause of this trend a decrease in program performance.

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