Fidelity Digital Assets considers expansion of cryptocurrency list

Posted 30 November, 2018

Fidelity Digital Assets, new crypto trading platform, has reported the expansion of the list of supported assets along with already launched Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company announced the expansion plans at the Block FS conference held in New York yesterday. 

Initially, the parent company Fidelity Investments expressed intentions to launch crypto division in October, saying that the new business would be aimed at trading and storing Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the current decision shows that they are not ready to rest targeting further development.

As commented the company representative during the conference, they are considering adding the next four or five cryptos in terms of the market cap. The company CEO added that they are focused in the inquiries from the users and the bulk of the clients are interested in the major coins in terms of the market capitalization (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

The new institutional division was announced in early October.

Notably, the company CEO stated last month that their platform would be aimed at providing institutional investors with solutions that help to store large crypto amounts, rather than just crypto trading. This decision, as he explained that time, is related to the fact that there are enough crypto exchanges that cope with the market demand.


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Intel registers energy-effective processor for crypto mining

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