Facebook announces job openings for Calibra wallet and bug search campaign

Posted 28 August, 2019

The major social network Facebook has launched a campaign of searching for employees to provide the legal compliance of the Libra coin and Calibra wallet.

According to the list of job openings, the company is looking for people that will deal with the analysis of regulatory requirements and drafting policies to bring the projects under corresponding control. This employee is said to cooperate with legal issue experts from Calibra, Facebook's partners and state authorities.

Another job opening is to be closed by a banking expert, which will deal with AML issues and compliance with Banking Law.

The company opened 27 vacancies for Calibra in total.

With looking for legal and banking experts, Facebook is believed to try to convince EU and US officials and regulators that the Libra project does not have legal risks.

The Libra Association in its turn has also announced a bug search event. The participants can get up to $10,000 for bugs that will be detected in the project software. Notably, the size of a reward depends on the bug.

At the same time, the communication head of Libra stated that the Libra blockchain would be launched only after they solve all concerns expressed by the regulators and receive all required approvals.

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