Facebook acquires chatbot developer

Posted 23 September, 2019

Facebook has reportedly acquired an Israeli startup, Servicefriend, who develops chatbot software. The basis for the development of Servicefriend uses software based on artificial intelligence.

The main goal of the Libra project from Facebook is to attract customers deprived of banking services in the financial market using WhatsApp and Messenger platforms.

Representatives of Servicefriend, represented by the main investor Roberto Singler, noted that the start-up creates user-friendly [messaging services] ways of interacting with enterprises based on the use of artificial intelligence.

“We acquire smaller tech companies from time to time. We don’t always discuss our plans.”- a Facebook spokesperson said. 

In the past, Servicefriend worked on Facebook's Messenger platform to create hybrid bots to optimize the customer experience. As a result, the Messenger service reduced the number of hours when working with each 1000 user requests to 20 hours.

The independent development of Facebook bots for Messenger under the name "M" failed in 2016, after which the company began working with third-party organizations, including the Servicefriend startup. 

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