Euro somewhat settles down after negative Italian reports

Posted 05 March, 2018

The European currency has started this week with stabilization vs the US dollar and slower weakening against the yen and franc. Moreover, the euro has even posted gains vs the majors "as the market calms down after the first negative reaction to the general elections in Italy", according to Interfax.

This morning euro was priced at $1.2319 ($1.2317 at the end of the previous session in New York). The rate to yen decreased to 130.02 (130.26). 

Euro is getting support from the German reports about the formation of a government. The forming process started back in September, and the parties have finally come to terms last weekend. As a result, it has been created "large coalition" with Angela Merkel's block of the parties.

At the same time, the reports from Italy failed to so bright. According to the media news, none of the Italian parties secured the majority at polls after the general elections held last Sunday. 

"The markets ignore the shock after the elections, though such an indifference cannot last long," commented Silvia Dall'Angelo. Moreover, she also reportedly noted that Italy has already got over political instability adding that the country saw 65 governments in the office since the World War II.

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05 March, 2018 12:29

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After hitting $11,500 bitcoin trimmed gains on Sunday, followed by other major digital coins. The leading cryptocurrency in terms of market value changed hands on the Bitfinex at $11,130 over the period under review (1.85% down from the Saturday's peak at $11,526). Ethereum, the second major coin, decreased n price to some $843, while Ripple was at around $0.89 (1.5% down).

Cryptocurrencies weaken over weekend

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Bitcoin still close to $11,000, Bank of England also points out need for crypto segment control →

Bitcoin remains strong on Friday fluctuating near $11,000 getting support from the BOE's representative notice. The Government of Bank of England, Mark Carney stated today digital coins "were failing as a form of money" and their regulation is required in the market. In the second half of Friday prices for cryptocurrencies showed different changes.

Bitcoin still close to $11,000, Bank of England also points out need for crypto segment control
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