Euro remains on the rise driven by anticipated QE exit

Posted 07 June, 2018

The euro has remained near the 2-week peaks against the majors in the second half of the week. The positive dynamics of the currency is related to possible shut down of bonds buying programme by the European Central Bank.

As it was reported earlier, the senior economist at the ECB commented that the regulator was about to discuss the QE exit. The chairman of German National Federal Bank said that these expectations are well-grounded regarding the programme shut down, as reported Reuters. At the same time, the official from the Netherlands added that there are no reasons to remain in QE.

In this situation, the euro has hiked against the US dollar to some $1,1819. A similar strengthening was seen against other major currencies. In particular, the European currency hit a 2-week high vs the franc at some $1.1640, while in the pair with the Japanese yen it reached 129.88.

Meanwhile, the greenback somewhat weakened against the yen reaching some 110.02 this morning. The players expect that the US Federal Reserve may revise the interest rate for the second time this year. Yet, the US dollar faced pressure on trade tensions fueled by an upcoming G7 meeting. Uncertainties about the results of the meeting are expanding given obvious conflict between the Washington and other countries worldwide.

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US Coinbase acquires broker-dealer company

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Coinmint to set up biggest bitcoin mining hub in the world
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