Euro rate soars to new all-time record

Posted 25 January, 2018

The euro has reportedly reached new all-time record vs the US dollar over the past 3 years. The driver for the jump was the message of the head pf the European Central Bank about stable economic growth with a probable escalation of the inflation in the mid-term.

Specifically, the euro rate hiked to $1.2524.  

The European Central Bank confirmed its ultra-soft monetary policy. It was also stated that interest rates would be kept low even after completion of bond buying. Moreover, the bank voiced its readiness to expand bond purchases if required.

With soaring euro European stock markets have lost their previous advantage. The STOXX 600 index fell 0.08% to 400.45, euro-area stock rate was 0.10% down

An upturn in bond yield has been detected everywhere in the euro-area, offsetting the negative impact from the forecast for higher inflation. In Germany, 10-year bond yields amounted to 0.549% which is considered as fresh peak over 6 months.

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