Euro area trade balance surplus rises in November 2017

Posted 15 January, 2018

The surplus of the euro-area foreign trade balance (to non-euro area countries) amounted to EUR 26.3 billion in November 2017 (EUR 18.9 billion in October), according to the Eurostat's data. The year-on-year figures increased by 10.5%.

Exports from the regional countries (19) to non-euro area countries reached EUR 197.5 billion over the period under review, by 7.7% up y-o-y. Imports went up 7.3% to EUR 171.2 billion.

In January-November 2017 euro area ramped up exports by 7.5% to EUR 2.010 trillion and imports – by 10.1% to EUR 1.797 trillion.

As a result, the foreign trade balance surplus of the euro area amounted to EUR 213.1 billion in January-November, against surplus at EUR 237.7 billion recorded a year before.

In November, 28 EU countries posted the suprlus of foreign trade balance to non-EU members at EUR 8 billion against the deficit of EUR 0.3 billion in October 2016 and surplus of EUR 5.5 billion in November 2016.

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