Ethereum buying now available for Opera Android-based wallet

Posted 07 February, 2019

One of leading web browser Opera has announced an expansion of the services available in its Opera application for Android. Some European countries will get access to purchases of Ethereum via the in-built wallet in the application.

"You can now top up your crypto wallet in Opera for Android in less than 60 seconds," reads the company post on Twitter.

The company spokesperson stated that the new service will enable users of Android-based gadgets to buy Ethereum using credit/debit cards or payment services. Notably, a purchase will be made directly without a need to create a new account. As the company explained, users will need just authorize via BankID/NemID.

At present, the new opportunity is reportedly available only in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

To launch new option Opera has signed a partnership agreement with crypto brokerage company Safello that is regulated by Sweden's Financial Supervisory Authority. Under the agreement, the latter will provide verification of the clients as well as cash to crypto transactions.

The company spokesperson commented on the launch that their team is striving to provide people with simple crypto buying, which in its turn may promote this technology further.

Opera is yet to unveil plans about a further geography expansion of this service.

It should be mentioned that the service will feature high crypto buying fees reaching 7%, though as it was noted the fee will initially be set at 2.5% for Sweden and 5% for Denmark and Norway.

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07 February, 2019 13:50

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