ErisX reportedly launches tests on spot exchange

Posted 25 April, 2019

ErisX platform offering derivatives trading has reportedly launched trials of the crypto spot trading exchange. Some crypto big fishes, including US-based broker TD Ameritrade, have already expressed interest in the new opportunities.

The company is yet to make any official announcement yet. By now it has provided little information on Twitter.

"A limited number of participants are testing our production platform to ensure a robust offering upon our public launch. We will have more to say, soon. " 

Neither ErisX nor TD Ameritrade provided any comments on this matter. If this cooperation is true, TD Ameritrade is said to expand its services and provide 11 million clients with access to spot trading.

This means that the American company will be among the first large brokers that can offer retail traders access to cryptocurrencies as an independent asset and get competitive position against Robinhood.

Notably, these companies cooperated earlier. Specifically, ErisX received funding from TD Ameritrade for the launch of the project for regulated derivatives exchange supporting bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin last October.

In December 2018, the company successfully completed Series B round with investments of $27.5 million. That time, the round was led by such giants as  ConsenSys,  Bitmain,  Pantera Capital, Fidelity, etc.

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