EOS-based project fails airdrop - user gets 1 billion wrong tokens

Posted 05 October, 2018

One more project seems to fail an airdrop. This time, EOS-based decentralized platform Se7ens make a mistake with their smart contract.

According to the news reports, a user benefited from the smart contract vulnerability and managed to expand the token amount that was allocated by the company. The project team announced that the 50% of issued SEVEN tokens (7 billion) would be distributed among EOS holders. This means, that airdrop takers may receive 10,000 tokens. At the same time, with the smart contract mistake, one of the takers got 1 billion of tokens. 

As user commented, he made a corresponding post in the social web portal, but later the project just cut the balance to 100,000, which was called a bug reward. This means that the company can change account balance for their own at any time.

It is worth mentioning that similar situation occurred on Trybe project a month ago. Specifically, users with over 100 EOS got the amount 4-fold above the expected one during the airdrop. That time, developers levied excessive tokens from the accounts.

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The US dollar has trimmed gains at the end of the week, in particular following the US labour market report that was released today and turned to be below the anticipated levels. As for the 10Y Treasuries, the yield posted a multi-year peak. In the second half of the day, the US Dollar index decreased to 95.37.

US dollar fluctuates on US labour report

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Yale University rumoured to invest in cryptocurrency fund →

The Yale Univesity is rumoured to invest in new cryptocurrency fund worth $400 million. According to the news reports, the new fund called Paradigm was created by Fred Ehrsam (Coinbase co-founder), Matt Huang (former partner at Sequoia Capital) and Charles Noyes (ex-employee at Pantera Capital). 

Yale University rumoured to invest in cryptocurrency fund
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