DXY scales back vs the majors on recent NFP

Posted 05 January, 2018

On Friday, January 5, US dollar has somewhat scaled back vs the majors amid the announced labor market data. The number of new jobs was below expectations in the market, which affected insiders' optimism.  

For reference, the US Labor Department report shows that non-farm sector saw just 148,000 new jobs in December instead of some 185,000 anticipated earlier. As for the employment rate, it remained unchanged (4.1%).

According to the released data, Eurozone recorded slower inflation in December.  

The European currency stayed unmoved, with just slight fluctuations of EUR-USD at 1.2071. The sterling has strengthened to the US dollar by 0.21% to 1.3575.

At the same time, Japanese yen weakened. The USD-JPY pair posted an increase of 0.28% to 113.07. USD-CHF was stable at 0.9745.

AUD-USD was also stable with just slight fluctuations at 0.7868, while NZD-USD added 0.45% and reached 0.7185.

US dollar to Canadian currency fell 0.9% to the lowest level over the past 4 months (1.2374) driven by Canada's employment report. Specifically, statistics showed that Canada launched 78,600 new jobs (forecast – 1,000) and managed to reduce unemployment to 5.7% (November level – 5.9%; forecast – 6.0%).

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09 January, 2018 11:47

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Low labor report affects US dollar positions →

The US labor market has seen less new jobs than expected in December, as shows the long-awaited report on Friday. Moreover, wages data also failed to improve. As a result, insiders have started selling out dollar just after the data release. According to the reports from US Labor Department, employment in non-farm businesses rose 148,000 over the period under review.

Low labor report affects US dollar positions
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