DX.Exchange: Token authentication bug fixed

Posted 11 January, 2019

DX.Exchange platform that offers security-token services has reportedly fixed the token authentication bug that was detected lately.

The company has posted the statement in its blog:

“We would like to thank the vigilant reporter, and our supportive community, who together, brought this issue to our attention. We are happy to report that the vulnerability has been successfully patched, and no user funds were compromised. Our launch was met with a stellar response from our community eager to trade cryptocurrencies and digital stocks. Customer funds were always safe, our multi-layer advanced monitoring and defence mechanism was able to avoid any further issue” says Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX. Exchange.

For reference, a trader stated that the data sent from the browser to the platform included token authentication and account details. As a result, trader managed to get authentication tokens of other users as well as password restoration links.

Once the exchange received bug notice, the project team developed the patch that fixes the problem. Still, there is no data about the number of affected accounts.

DX.Exchange is located in Estonia and offers services for trading tokenized stocks for cryptos and fiats based on NASDAQ pattern. The trading was launched on January 7.

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11 January, 2019 16:57

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Only some exchanges passed security inspection in South Korea

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