Dusting attacks resumed, Samourai Wallet said

Posted 25 October, 2018

Samourai Wallet, an anonymous bitcoin wallet solution, has notified users about dusting attack.

The project team made the statement in the social network saying that it has detected resumed dusting attacks. For reference, this type of attack is aimed at addresses deanonymization via linking the inputs.

"If you have recently received a very small amount of BTC in your wallet unexpectedly, you may be the target of a "dusting attack" designed to deanonymize you by linking your inputs together - Samourai users can mark this utxo as "Do Not Spend" to nip the attack in the bud," the notice reads.

The company stated that the potential targets could receive unplanned small bitcoin amounts lately, and thus when they decide to transfer assets, UTXO can be mixed with hacker's inputs opening access to other users' UTXO.

Samourai Wallet suggests to use its wallet service, as it is powered by automatic notification about below-limit transaction (546 Satoshi) and can restrain spending of certain UTXO.

It was noted that this attack is an old one, but there were reports about dusting transactions which confirm suspicious actions.

For reference, Samourai Wallet shows account balance only in bitcoins now, following the decision to give up indication in USD last month.


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Japan FSA to consider marginal trading limits

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