DECENT, bardicredit target tokenized investment fund

Posted 25 January, 2019

DECENT, an international blockchain-company, teamed up with bardicredit investment fund intending to bring the investment fund sector to the new level via tokenization. 

According to the press release, bardicredit targets expansion of the venture investment activities making them available to wider investors groups. For that purpose, the companies will use DECENT's advanced blockchain platform DСore. The latter is striving to become the first tokenized fund that is licensed by the EU authorities.

As the companies explained, the new fund is set to invest in DСore-based blockchain applications with bardicredit to apply "the concept of the tokenization to enable even a small and tradable stake in the fund.

"Traditionally, alternative asset funds such as venture capital and private equities were inaccessible to investors beyond the ultra-high-net-worth individuals due to a long lock-up period. Now, through tokenized investment funds, investors can sell the tokens on the secondary market at any time, instead of waiting 7 to 10 years for their investment returns,” bardicredit Managing Partner George Salapa stressed.

bardicredit sees a good potential of the DCore platform that can be used for wide variety of applications. In particular, this is a good choice for independent enterprises as well as tech companies that are ready to use the blockchain as a Blockchain-as-a-Service.

Companies that practice sharing economy is another point of interest. The internal tokenization model will grant them a tool to ensure instant payments to clients and attract additional capital.

The fund will reportedly be registered in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which will allow ensuring the high-security level, investment stability, and advanced technology. 

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