Cryptomarket uncontrollably falls due to the low rate of the main world currency

Posted 04 June, 2019

On May 4, the Bitcoin rate rapidly collapsed below $8,000 and continues to remain at the level of $7,900 at the time of this writing, which is almost 9% less than a day ago.

The rate of the main world cryptocurrency reached $7,717 - the lowest level since May 23 - however, it continues to move within the framework of a long-term uptrend. But the bearish correction may turn out to be deeper than originally expected.

To date, the dominance index has fallen below 56% from 60.54% (last month's high). Market capitalization over the past day has decreased by $20 billion and currently stands at $252 billion.

European traders can further expand the sale launched in the Asian market. Their reaction, in fact, will determine the further fate of cryptocurrency: if they decide that this is a good chance to increase positions, traders will see Bitcoin rebound to the mark of $8,800 - $8,900. In the worst situation, the correction may reach $7,300. This area is protected by the lower boundary of the aforementioned channel and the lower line of the one-day Bollinger band.

The remaining cryptocurrencies are also traded in the red. The price of Ethereum fell by 7.74% and is now at around $248. XRP lost 8.71% and is trading at $0.41. Bitcoin Cash in the red by 10.37%. The coin is at $396. Litecoin climbed to fifth place, it fell by 9.33% and now costs $104.

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05 June, 2019 11:23

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June 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, will be integrated for the operating system of Apple smartphones. The integration of CryptoKit will allow the use of public-key cryptography for creating and evaluating digital signatures, the tool will be used for key exchange and the use of private keys stored in Secure Enclave.

Apple adds cryptocurrency tools to devices

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Justin Sun paid a record amount for lunch with Buffett
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