Cryptocurrency market generally down

Posted 27 June, 2018

The major cryptocurrency weakened in the midweek. The prices for digital coins have been sliding for the past weeks driven by concerns about the insufficient security of crypto transactions and regulators' actions. 

On the Bitfinex, bitcoin dropped to some $6,075, which quite close to some 4-month bottom of $5,787 hit last Sunday. Ethereum on this platform fell down to $429. Ripple prices decreased to 0.46174 and Litecoin weakened to $78.520.

For now, the market capitalization was around $245 billion, against $253 billion a day before.

The first half of the week was marked by some essential reports. Specifically, Facebook stated that it revised its ban on crypto ad. As a result, some advertisers can post ads of crypto exchange services in Facebook. For reference, the major social network banned crypto ad in January, citing that advertisements mislead users. Notably, ICO ads remain banned.

Besides, one of the Apple founders warned yesterday that cryptocurrency and blockchain can be a bubble even despite the observed capacity to use.

“It was a bubble, and I feel that way about blockchain,” he said during the NEX technology conference.

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02 July, 2018 11:52

← Pre-registration on DX Exchange hits half a million

The number of registered clients on the NASDAQ-based centralized trading platform – DX Exchange – has already exceeded half a million and that before the official launch. The inauguration is slated for late July. At the same time, the company did not need to spend for promotion campaign as traders have already expressed interest in the platform probably due to its free-trade business model.

Pre-registration on DX Exchange hits half a million

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27 June, 2018 16:22

South Korea regulator amends AML rules →

South Korea's Financial Services Commission has revised AML ruling for the country's crypto platforms. The regulator asks local banks to monitor the corresponding accounts more thoroughly. As the regulator reported, with the revision will be effective for a year, so further extensions are possible, banks may enhance supervision of all accounts opened by any trading platform.

South Korea regulator amends AML rules
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