Cryptocurrencies up, bitcoin still tries to settle above $10,000

Posted 16 February, 2018

The majority of cryptocurrencies have posted gains today, while bitcoin still fails to take roots at $10,000.

Yesterday the key digital coin managed to reach the psychologically essential level of $10,000 but just for little time and decreased again.

On Friday bitcoin once more attempted to move above $10,000 and had luck again. However, seeing coin uncertainty investors doubt about the rise, so the price has been above $10,000 just shortly today.

This week bitcoin steadily soared on softer concerns about regulation tightening.

Bitcoin was recorded at $9,912.80 today, with the session's peak at $10,271.00. Ethereum price reached $928.00 (13.5% up over a week). Ripple coin improved just slightly by 0.7% to some $1.09700. However, it hiked almost 40% over the week.

Crypto market rally gathered pace on softer position of South Korea in terms trading regulation allowing investors have a sigh of some relief.

According to the local news agency, one of the Korean officials stated that licenses for exchange platforms were considered as a way to regulate the crypto trading citing the scheme used in New York.

For reference, the recent market slump was caused by investors' fears about the possible complete ban on crypto trading.

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Positive housing report entails US dollar rebound

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Japan's regulator announced inspections of unlicensed cryptocurrency platforms
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