Cryptocurrencies post mixed dynamics

Posted 20 July, 2018

Prices for digital coins showed different dynamics at the end of the year. Once Bitcoin soared $7,500 this week,  its price has slackened by now, though shows upward attempts.

This morning the major coin changed hands on the Bitfinex at $7,456 (1.8% up d-o-d). Ethereum on this platform decreased to $463.84. 

The price for Ripple on the Poloniex dropped to $0.45782. Litecoin lost grounds staying at $84.450.

In the middle week, the US Federal Reserve Chairman stated that he did not focus on concerns about the crypto segment at that time. 

The market capitalization amounts to some $300 billion, which cannot put a risk for the financial system stability. In this context, the Federal Reserve has no plans to consider regulation for this segment.

Although the regulator used to say that it would supervise the crypto market, for now, it does not has power over the crypto industry. As a result, the Central Bank is not going to monitor it. Moreover, Jerome Powell added that the Securities and Exchanges Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and authorities of the states.

At the same time, Brad Sherman surprised a lot by his statement in the Congress. Specifically, in his speech this Wednesday, he claimed that the authorities should ban buying and mining of the cryptocurrencies citing that digital coins are used for criminal activities and tax evasion. Sherman also called for a launch of an investigation in the industry. 

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← Crypto ban remains effective after supreme court re-hearing in India

After the re-hearing of the crypto case, the Supreme court of India has determined not to lift the ban on crypto activities in the country citing insufficient comments and grounds provided by the participants during the hearing. All parties concerned can submit comments within 4-week period before the final hearing. The next hearing is slated for early September.

Crypto ban remains effective after supreme court re-hearing in India

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Huobi unveils new project Huobi Cloud
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