CryptoCup announces betting platform on upcoming football world cup

Posted 17 May, 2018

The first blockchain-based betting service for the football world cup – CryptoCup – has announced a launch of a gaming platform in May.

As the reports read, CryptoCup has decided to perform an experiment with a crypto market players. With the world up taking place just a few months once per 4 years, every next game on the platform will be a sort of unique and time-limited event for sports and crypto fans.

Tokens for football world cup are said to be traded only during the championship. This means that all token will be cashed on July 23 as the sports competition ends and all token holders will receive the prize.

According to Forklog report, such gaming model covers the double risk of volatility – price for each token will change after every completed match. Thus, real football environment experts can make use of it.

The game will come on Ethereum blockchain technology.

The developers bet on standard ERC-721 while making a token, which unlike ERC-20 delivers uniqueness and impartibility of every token. In fact, CryptoCup token will be an e-ticket, where a player will set predictions for all matches of the championship. This so-called e-ticket cannot be stolen, imitated or changed, but can be sold. 

After a match, the player will get points if the prediction comes true. After the championship, all points will be calculated to determine the prize.

Everyone who wants to take part in the game has just to buy and file the ticket. The price will be some ETH 0.045 during the first sale week, with sharp upward revision every consecutive week.

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