Crypto prices weaker on Friday

Posted 23 November, 2018

Crypto prices decreased at the Friday Asian trading. The market was focused on the reports that the UK regulators asked investors to be careful with risks that crypto derivatives buying can entail.

On Friday, bitcoin decreased on the Bitfinex to $4,366. According to the weekly data, the coin has lost more than 25%. Ethereum on this platform changed hands at $124.67. Meanwhile, XRP on the Poloniex was quoted at $0.41677. Litecoin price was recorded at $37.700.

According to the news reports, UK FCA released the results of the large-scale research that was carried out by the authority, and thus expressed certain concerns about blockchain and digital coins.

It is worth mentioning that Christopher Woolard, member of FCA, said at the London conference that some crypto derivates can be banned. His message said that the regulator has fears that retail customers are offered with complicated unstable and loaned derivatives based on tokens.

As it was reported earlier, the FCA is going to ban sales of derivatives to retail investors. An additional influence on the crypto market is coming from the reports that Saudi Arabia along with the UAE plans to develop own cryptocurrency next year. However, this currency is said to be launched more for banks.

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The European Commission has invited five major European banks to join the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA), headquartered in Europe. One of these five banks is the Spanish largest bank BBVA. The IATBA will deal with the development of blockchain protocols and international promotion of this technology.

Major European banks join Blockchain App Association

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Mt Gox trustee strives to get more time for rehabilitation claims filing
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