Crypto market capitalization exceeds $200 billion

Posted 11 May, 2019

The stock value of digital assets has reached a total of $200 billion. The first time when capitalization hit this level was recorded in November 2018.

Currently, the total capitalization of all virtual currencies amounted to $201.51 billion, as the CoinMarketCap resource shows. Only the most sceptical experts can declare a possible continuation of the bearish trend because the market has almost doubled from the minimum capitalization in mid-December ($100.8 billion).

Trade volumes remain high and, according to CoinMarketCap, amount to $ 59 billion. At the same time, Bitcoin dominance is steadily growing by 9%.

On May 11, Bitcoin approached the long-awaited mark of $7,000, this breakthrough affected the overall capitalization of cryptocurrency, now it exceeded $200 billion. The situation observed early today almost fully offset the weakening of the coin recorded over the past half a year.

Bitcoin rate reached $6,964.

Bitcoin does not cease to dominate the cryptocurrency market. Specifically, its share accounts for 59.5% of the total market capitalization.

It should be mentioned that altcoins do not show such rapid growth with some coins even posting a decline in value. The best altcoins can be distinguished: ETH (increased by 2.22%), Litecoin (increased by 2.5%), and Stellar (increased by 3.77%).

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Buterin and Lubin decide to back MolochDAO project
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