Craig Wright does not plan to leave

Posted 25 April, 2019

Craig S. Wright is actually the creator of Bitcoin SV, so it's no wonder that many users in the cryptocurrency world want him to disappear. And so it was until the success of Bitcoin Cash in 2017, after which the fork was able to develop its scaling technology without any problems. Wright's figure changed again when Bitcoin SV supported the forks, and Wright and Eyre became the leaders of a small group of Bitcoin fans.

On April 23, Wright published a report saying:

Many people in the bucket shop, sorry, “crypto currency exchange” industry want to see me gone. 

Craig Wright is reportedly working on patenting some aspects of the blockchain technology. However, the trick is that all blockchains, with the exception of Bitcoin SV, will have to pay for the use of these innovations.

The distinction is that other systems will need to pay. By the end of this year I hope that we will have around 1,000 patents published. More importantly, the initial patent families should place us in advance of any other player in the industry. You see, we don’t publish straightaway. 

Wright again presents himself as Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims that Bitcoin is pro-government and conditional, and counteracts only money laundering. Many people associated with the world of digital currencies believe that something like a government does not have the right to exist in the modern world and is trying to destroy the economy of fiat currencies. The alleged creator of BTC, however, rejects the view that Bitcoin is a response to the global financial crisis.

So, I’m sorry to “burst your little bubble” but bitcoin has nothing to do with the collapse of Lehman Bros nor with the subsequent bailout. Unfortunately, that was badly timed. The reality is bitcoin is not anti-bank, it is not anti-government and in fact it is not even anti-central bank. Most importantly, it can’t be made to be.

Bitcoin is simply not attractive in a world where existing financial institutions enjoy the full confidence of citizens. This is nothing more than a speculative financial instrument. Unfortunately for the above institutions, the global financial crisis is still a new wound. Wright suggests that Bitcoin - such a book of responsibility - is a way to keep everyone in the same row, so that no one sticks out and allows everyone to follow agreed rules.

One thing bitcoin was created for is to end the manipulation of financial systems. This was never what we see in the west but rather criminal manipulation. It was designed to ensure that Web Money, Liberty Reserve and a group of criminals associated with things such as the Russian Business Network (RBN) were the real target. In 2007, the RBN had a number of ISPs pull the plug. Bitcoin was created as a means to ensure an immutable audit trail. In time, this will be linked to logins and much more. To start, it provides an anti-money-laundering trail that cannot be altered. This is enough to ensure privacy while also ensuring that anonymity cannot exist.

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