Court struggle between Blockchain and Paymium continues

Posted 19 August, 2019

Fintech company Paymium demanded to stop the consideration of the lawsuit, in which the largest provider of Bitcoin-wallets Blockchain accused her of trademark infringement.

Blockchain's wallet provider introduced the logo several years before a similar image was used by Paymium. In September last year, the company's management filed a lawsuit against the organization’s executive director Pierre Noizat, who was supposed to be responsible for creating the original design, which turned out to be too similar to lawsuit alleges that the platform created by Paymium intentionally misleads users.

Representatives of the company argued that the plaintiff’s argument was insufficient. According to Paymium, the New York court has no jurisdiction over CEO  Pierre Noizat.

It follows from the court’s published documents that the motion to terminate the claim for allegedly violating a trademark was rejected. Therefore, the Blockchain lawsuit will be considered further. The court agreed with the arguments regarding Paymium CEO Pierre Noizat.

The resource began to work after rebranding Instawallet. Representatives of Paymium called the rapid design change an attempt to hide the fact of theft of intellectual property.

The court also agreed with Blockchain’s statement that Paymium did not submit to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a statement of intent to conduct an ICO. but Paymium management has argued otherwise. So this part of the claim will be considered further.

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