Consumer confidence in German economy rises unexpectedly

Posted 27 January, 2022

The index of consumer confidence in the German economy rose to minus 6.7 points in February from a revised value of minus 6.9 in January, according to research company GfK.

Analysts polled by the DailyFX portal expected the index to fall to minus 7.8 points.

The value of January was revised to minus 6.9 points from minus 6.8 points.

The company also reported that the index of current economic expectations rose to 22.8 points in February from 17.1 points in November. In addition, the wage growth expectation index increased to 16.9 points from 6.9 points a month earlier. Further, "consumers' willingness to buy" increased to 5.2 points from 0.8 points a month earlier.

“Despite the increase in the incidence and inflation, consumers again show some optimism at the beginning of the year. In particular, they hope for some easing in price trends... Nevertheless, consumer price expectations remain significantly higher than in recent years,” the expert commented on the data. consumer sentiment GfK Rolf Bürkl.

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