ConsenSys keeps investing in crypto segment

Posted 07 March, 2019

ConsenSys keeps on investing in the blockchain and crypto industry and sponsors two new early-stage startups.

According to the Thursday announcement, ConsenSys Ventures invested some $1.15 million in Ligero, a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography startup, while the volume of funds transferred to PDAX, Philippines-based cryptocurrency exchange, is unknown so far.

PDAX will be is a regulated platform. Its regulators are going to be the Philippines central bank and official securities regulator of the country. The launch is scheduled for Q2 2019.
The startup intends to cut inputs and accelerate the process of remittances as well as improve the overall situation in the Philippine financial markets.

Ligero, in its turn, is planning to establish a platform and introduce private smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, as well as machine learning on and off different blockchains. The startup is developing a scalable protocol for secure computation and ZKP.

In January 2019, ConsenSys also decided to support three other blockchain startups, Iceland’s Monerium blockchain startup, France’s Coinhouse crypto wallet headquartered in Paris, and Tenta trading platform, which is developing a crypto browser.

In November 2018, the company was among the participants of a $2.1 million seed funding round held by ethereum privacy startup AZTEC. In October that year, it also invested some $6.5 million in DrumG Technologies.

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