Consensus 2019 participant says: FB Coin blockchain should be public

Posted 16 May, 2019

May 15, Polychain Capital CEO Olaf Carlson-Wee during a discussion at the conference Consensus 2019 made a report titled "To the Moon and Back". The entrepreneur considers the most correct decision when creating Facebook's own stablecoin – a placing of the cryptocurrency in a public blockchain network accessible to the public.

Carlson-Wee believes that such a platform will be like a Bitcoin network and Facebook will be able to give up control over the blockchain system. Ultimately, it will be useful for the global social network itself Facebook.

“I think given all the problems that Facebook has had with policing their platform and things like that, I think that the strategic move for Facebook would actually be to build public infrastructure. And that public infrastructure could be incorporated into all the Facebook platforms, which of course are proprietary. But that public infrastructure, if they don’t try to own it, I think that’s where they will have the most success,” declared Carlson-Wee.

Another clear advantage of not giving Facebook control over the blockchain network will be the ability of the social network to shirk responsibility for all the problems arising in the blockchain network.

At the same time, the expert compared with the Internet:

“The people that made the internet aren’t responsible for everything that’s said on the internet.”

Earlier, it was reported that the US Senate demanded that Facebook disclose the details of the Libra project to control the measures taken by the company to protect confidential user data.

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