Posted 17 July, 2020

OTTAWA. Following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Federal Commissioner for Ethics is also investigating the participation of Treasury Secretary Bill Morneau in a government grant worth 900 million euros.

“At the request of several parliamentarians, Ethics Commissioner (Mario) Dion will pay tribute. Bill Morneau informed him and reported on possible violations of the Conflict of Interest Act .... The report will be published when the investigation is completed, "the commissioner confirmed on social networks.

He responded to official complaints from the NDP, the Conservatives and Transparency Group Democratic Watch.

Last week, Morneau’s office confirmed that he had not refused to participate in discussions in his office and decided to transfer the scholarship to Canadian student services WE Charities, despite the fact that his two daughters are in contact with WE. One of his daughters currently works for an organization in Toronto, while the other has performed at three WE events.

“When it comes to administering scholarships for Canadian students, from the very beginning we pay attention to helping students as quickly and efficiently as possible. Given that my daughter works in divisions of WE that are not related to each other, I had to re-apply to avoid any perception of the conflict. “I will fully cooperate with the Commissioner for Conflicts of Interest and Ethics, and as I move forward, I will be completely relaxed from discussions with WE,” Morneau said in a report.

According to a statement from the Office of the Ethics Commissioner, Dion will check to see if he has encountered a conflict of interest when participating in this decision and if he had the obligation to resign.

“Once again, the ethics commissioner launched an investigation into the Liberal Minister Trudeau. Bill Morneau is currently under investigation for participating in the Justin Trudeau scandal for $ 900 million. It is also clear that a criminal investigation is warranted. Conservatives will continue to hold the prime minister and his government accountable for the scandal. We will rest until Canadians have answers, ”commented conservative ethical critic Michael Barrett on Thursday.

NPD ethics critic Charlie Angus says he was surprised at how Morneau and Trudeau might have thought their relationship with WE would not be revealed.

“Every Canadian should ask himself how the Trudeau government thinks that it would be so irresponsible to get rid of it with a billion dollars in the middle of a pandemic?” And why were there no checks and balances so that Mr. Morneau and Mr. Trudeau could not do themselves serious harm? Their family ties with the Ministry of Emergencies were well known, was this not considered a problem? Angus discussed in an interview.

“It seems to me more and more how Mr. Trudeau was involved in the vanity project, and the usual checks and balances that were supposed to be there were rejected, and now Mr. Morneau and Mr. Trudeau are having big problems,” he continued.

This ethics investigation complements the investigation launched last week by Dion with Justin Trudeau, who also admitted that he was not fulfilling his duties despite his family's close ties to WE.

Over the past decade, the Prime Minister has organized several rallies in honor of WE Day, his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is the WE Ambassador, and his mother Margaret Trudeau and his brother Alexander Trudeau have been paid hundreds of thousands. dollars of the total cost of speaking since 2016.

However, 900 million. A charity worthy of a dollar is not the only eyebrow for experts and critics.

The National Post reported on Wednesday that the federal government contributed at least $ 1 million. USD to WE organization to do this 2017. July 2 Hold a WE Day event on Parliament Hill. One of the speakers at the event was Trudeau's mother, Margaret Trudeau, who at that time was paying fees for public speaking at WE events.

In the internal memory of the employees, the founder of WE stated that the Prime Minister and the Heritage Department invited the organization to organize this event. We refused to confirm or deny that Margaret Trudeau was paid for this particular language of the day WE.

On Wednesday evening, WE Charity suddenly announced that it would cancel its leading WE Day events in the near future, while embarking on a major restructuring of its company.

“After much thought and with great caution and care on the part of all our stakeholders, we made a number of important decisions to focus on our mission, simplify program proposals and make many managerial and structural changes,” the organization said in a press release.

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