Coincheck to remove from the list four coins

Posted 21 May, 2018

Japan's Coincheck, one of the leading exchanges, announced delisting of Monero, Dash and Zcash coins citing boosted privacy of their users.

According to the official company post, the platform management took such measures following the requirements of Japan's FSA, which cover the need to improve business process including expansion of compliance with the ruling against illegal income laundering.

The exchange will delist these coins till June 16, though all users should withdraw them or exchange into other traded cryptos before the deadline.

Notably, along with three mentioned coins, Augur token will not be available on the platform either.

For reference, the first mentions of possible delisting were heard back in late April. At the same time, later FSA confirmed that Coincheck decided to act in such way once the regulator tightened requirements to local crypto platforms striving to protect investors and reduce risks of massive hacking, like the January case.

It was reported last week that Coincheck planned to resume trading in the near term.

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21 May, 2018 13:22

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