Coinbase reportedly hits mark of 30 million users

Posted 23 July, 2019

The largest US cryptocurrency exchange continues to successfully develop its business attracting more and more new customers to the industry. As of July 2019, the total number of users who registered for Coinbase reportedly exceeded 30 million people.

Alistair Milne, a well-known cryptocurrency investor and chief executive officer of Altana Digital Currency Fund, has tweeted charts and tables showing Coinbase's dynamic development since 2013 (the exchange was founded in 2012).

Coinbase has passed 30million users this month (adding 5million users in the last ~10 months)

According to the table in which customer growth was recorded, the exchange had 25 million customers by the end of September 2018. This number increased dramatically in 2019, the period when the price of bitcoin began to grow rapidly after long crypto-winter. As of July 16, 2019, the stock exchange has attracted about 30 million worldwide.

During the mentioned period, Coinbase also introduced many technological innovations. In May 2019, the exchange announced expansion of the access to cryptocurrency trading operations for users from more than 100 countries. For reference, Coinbase was available only in 32 countries in 2018.

The increase in the number of clients was also contributed by the expansion of the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading on Coinbase, including EOS, XRP and a number of altcoins.

The exchange also demonstrated resistance to cyber attacks and hacks, regularly pursuing top exchanges, including the world's largest Binance.

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