Coinbase launches new withdrawal feature

Posted 25 July, 2018

US-based crypto trading platform – Coinbase – announces new service enabling users to withdraw digital coins via digital gift cards.

According to the news reports, the company has entered into an agreement with London-based WeGift project. As a result, this cooperation will expand Coinbase services – the platform's clients will be able to exchange cryptos into gift cards of more than 120 retailers. At first, users from the UK, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria will get a chance to enjoy this feature, though the platform targets expansion into other countries in the long-run.

"Whether it’s converting Bitcoin into Uber credits or Ethereum into an ASOS e-gift card, customers will have greater flexibility and control over how they use their crypto,” the company representative commented.

Moreover, he added that this will open new ways to spend digital coins transferring the value of the virtual currency into "tangible things or experiences".

It is worth mentioning that Kik messenger presented Kinit app last week. As the company mentioned, users will be able to exchange Kin coins into gift cards of the major brands via the app.

For reference, Facebook and Google greenlighted Coinbase advertisements after the giants banned crypto and ICO ads early this year.

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