Coinbase launches new services

Posted 28 September, 2018

US-based Coinbase keeps working on the business development. Along with the services for large institutional investors, the company announces now new solutions for the beginners.

According to the statement on the company website, the new service called Coinbase Bundle, which will enable users to make multiple investments, including such coins as bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

"The Coinbase Bundle is a convenient way to buy all 5 of the cryptocurrencies listed on Coinbase. You’ll get every currency at once, without having to buy them separately," the report reads.

The unit weight of every coin in the portfolio is based on the share of the assets in the market. The minimal investment is said to be $25.

The announced service will be available in the USA, EU and UK with the fee set at 1.5%, as the company commented.

As for additional services, it was unveiled Coinbase Asset Pages that provides data about 50 main cryptos (market cap, price changes and sources for more details). And for the novices, Coinbase offers Coinbase Learn program which covers the main aspects of dealing with digital coins.

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28 September, 2018 14:16

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Ripple company plans to get on with educational projects as a part of the Ripple for Good programme. As the official press release reads, the company intends to spend $25 million for new public awareness fund, with an additional $80 million to be invested by the third parties.

Ripple announces educational initiative

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The US dollar shows positive dynamics at the end of the week. The currency is strengthening against the majors and already posted 9-month peaks in the pairs with the yen. The greenback has got support from the optimistic US economic outlook and US Federal Reserve plans to keep tightening the policy.

US dollar in black on Friday
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