Coinbase adds price alerts to its mobile app

Posted 21 June, 2019

Realizing the difficulties of trading in a highly volatile digital asset market, cryptocurrency exchanges strive to create comfortable conditions for traders and help them to trade in a hectic, little predictable market. The most popular exchange in the USA - Coinbase - announced today a new service for customers using company-branded applications.

Coinbase introduces a service of instant, automatic notification of cryptocurrency prices in real time. Information on financial markets plays a major role for traders in conducting trading operations. This is most relevant for a cryptocurrency market, which is characterized by high volatility. The new Coinbase service creates ideal conditions for tracking the movement of cryptocurrency prices. 

"Combined with in-app news and our informational asset pages, this feature is another step forward in making the Coinbase app the best place for you to find the information you want on crypto."- affirmed the developers on the blog Coinbase.

The next time you log into the mobile app of the exchange, users can turn on the alert and create an individual list to track specific virtual currencies. Together with the analytical materials of the company and the news, this function provides high trading performance and will allow traders to respond quickly to changes in the market.

It should be noted that two days ago, the analytical company Messari, which specializes in pricing in the cryptocurrency market, announced an affiliate program with a startup Blockfolio, offering an application for tracking bitcoin prices.

The Blockfolio Signal application is embedded in Messari resources and will provide real-time bitcoin pricing information in real time, similar to the new Coinbase feature. Blockfolio will also be integrated into instant messaging applications such as Slack.

It was reported earlier, the Japanese company Line Corp, which specializes in messaging services, in the near future expects a license to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange.

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