CipherTrace starts crypto monitoring to 700 assets

Posted 16 October, 2019

Blockchain analytics company CipherTrace has announced that it has expanded its cryptocurrency intelligence platform to support more than 700 tokens. The company will now be monitoring a wide array of different assets, which were previously not included in the service.  

Shannon Holland, CTO at CipherTrace, stated that the new addition has required technological breakthroughs over the last four years as well as close collaboration with regulators and financial investigators.  

The company has decided to further boost its usability by introducing crypto traceability for around 700 virtual assets. While the company only supported Bitcoin traceability until this moment, from now, customers will be able to add other assets on the CipherTrace platform. These include popular tokens like Ether and Bitcoin Cash, but also some less prominent ERC20 cryptocurrencies. 

 According to official announcements, CipherTrace has now completed the implementation of its new service, and users can start tracing different addresses via the company API. CipherTrace has introduced investigative tools for authorities, which allow them to perform forward and backward traces of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash addresses. 

Holland added that the firm will continue to add more tokens, stablecoins, and blockchains in the “coming months,” without disclosing specific details.

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