Chinese hacker steals 200 BTC using fake wallet

Posted 04 September, 2019

In China, a fraudster who stole more than 200 bitcoins through an upgraded cryptocurrency wallet was detained. As it became known to law enforcement authorities, one of the victims contacted who contributed funds to the cryptocurrency exchange, which was actually the site of the attacker. 

According to the police, the man independently developed the application, and then used it to withdraw funds for further exchange into fiat. Crypto fraudster integrated a wallet into the site and at the first activity and authorization, the program independently withdraws funds to a third-party account.

From March to early July 2017, the criminal managed to steal more than 200 bitcoins. Funds in the amount of $400 thousand were transferred to several cryptocurrency wallets. To hide the traces, the detainee used mixing services that split transactions into small parts, which makes it almost impossible to track them. 

The detainee refused to admit his guilt, saying that he planned to use the funds as an investment for his own projects on the blockchain. The first hearing is scheduled for early October. Law enforcers note that a new type of fraud using fake crypto-currency wallets can be tracked only after the crime is committed, because of which users should be as careful as possible.

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Elliptic closes Series B round with SBI Holdings in the lead

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