Chinese bitcoin mining farm burns down

Posted 01 October, 2019

Chinese cryptocurrency mining company is burning down. According to Primitive Managing Partner Dovey Wan, equipment worth $10 million was destroyed as a result of the accident.

"As OGBTC already broke it, here is the real footage of a local mega farm caught on fire…Which claimed a lost of $10M worth of mining machines" - twitted Dovey Wan.

This information was confirmed by one of the first Bitcoin miners Marshal Long. Some reports read the affected facility may belong to Innosilicon, but there is no official confirmation or refutation.

"The big datacenter from Innosilicon just went nuclear $BTC DoveyWan did you see this?" - he wrote.

Due to the incident, a two-hour block delay the network occurred. At first, many in the cryptocurrency community questioned the fire video that appeared on the network. The fire led to a decrease in the hash rate of the first cryptocurrency. This indicator fell by 5%, to 82.45 EH/s.

The incident occurred against the background of the fact that large companies are increasing their mining capacities.

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