Chinese Bitcoin miner steals power from oil well

Posted 14 June, 2019

On June 13, Chinese police reported that an individual laid cables through ponds to steal energy from oil wells to power their bitcoin (BTC) mining.

According to the reports, a man in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang laid an electrical cable along the bottom of fish ponds striving to theft power from an oil rig.

On the alleged theft of electricity to the police turned officer in charge of oil production. The police conducted a survey of the 2 km zone around the oil well in China's largest field Daqing Oil Field. 

About 200 m from the oil rig the police found a barn, surrounded by water from almost all sides with 20 bitcoin mining facilities. The power supply to the building came from the junction box of the oil well with a cable of about 5 cm in diameter, which was laid directly through the fish ponds.

However, the exact details of the case concerning the suspects are not yet to be unveiled.

A criminal case was initiated against the owner of Bitcoin-miners, preliminary damage is estimated at ¥48,560 ($7,015).

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