CEO of bankrupt exchange Bitmarket found dead

Posted 29 July, 2019

July 25, the owner of the Polish cryptocurrency exchange Bitmarket, which in early July announced the closure of "due to loss of liquidity," Tobiasz Niemiro, was found dead in a forest in the north of the country.

Local media reports stated that the local law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into this case. The exact events around his death are yet to be confirmed. In particular, the local media thinks that that was suicide, though Niemiro's suspect a homicide.

According to one of Niemiro’s close friends, Adam Sochi, Tobiasz sent him a letter a day before his death, saying that he had entered the circle of unscrupulous businessmen and would send some materials in the near term.

“The email was long. It seemed like he had found himself in an environment of shady businessmen. He gave names. I will not disclose its content because of the investigation. I forwarded the email to the prosecutor’s office. He also wrote that he would provide certain materials, but he didn’t have time” - said Socha.

However, he did not have time to send anything. Socha sent a letter to the prosecutor.

For reference, BitMarket, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Poland, announced the closure due to a drop in liquidity earlier this month, due to which more than 400 platform clients lost access to 2,300 bitcoins (over $ 20 million). 

Niemiro stated:

“I lost everything because somebody led to the collapse of the stock exchange. Now I'm losing face and good name for which I've worked all my life. I am one of the victims.”

There is no additional information for now, the clients were promised to clarify further actions later.

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