CEO Morgan Creek sees no reasons to sell bitcoin now

Posted 27 September, 2019

 Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO Mark Yusko believes the observed Bitcoin fluctuation should not be considered as a reason to start selling coins even when the price falls down below $8,000.

In the interview to CNBC Mark Yusko stated that users should focus on buying an asset at every convenient opportunity rather than monitor the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

“All the indicators of the network and the network value are rising; the price of any asset fluctuates.” – he said.

Yusko compared the first cryptocurrency with Amazon, whose stock price increased from $1.73 to $1,800 in 22 years. 

According to him, despite the temporary decline in the value of securities, there was still no suitable time for sale. Moreover, he pointed out that the price for any asset shows fluctuations and the annual figures promotes buying of bitcoin.

In mid-August, the CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management advised investing 1-5% of capital in Bitcoin in order to protect its funds during global economic instability. Yusko added that the value of the first cryptocurrency network is growing every year.

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