BTC and Ripple down, Ethereum price soaring

Posted 10 January, 2018

Prices for Ripple and bitcoin have kept falling on Wednesday. Ripple lost some 20%, while Ethereum posted fresh peak in terms of market capitalization, with the further stable rise.

On the Poloinex exchange Ripple has been traded at $1.82 today (the previous session high – $1.61). The price for Ripple dropped by around 15%.  

After the Monday weakening (3.4% down), bitcoin has changed hands at $13,718.00 on the Bitfinex by now.  

At the same time, Ethereum on this exchange hit a record high at $1,386.60 but then rolled back to $1,290.00 later this day.

After the Wednesday trading Ripple market value fell to $74.6 billion, while that of Ethereum hiked to $125 billion.

For reference, Ethereum regained top-2 position in terms of market capitalization on Monday after Ripple's short-lived expansion observed last week.

Yet, bitcoin is still the leading digital coin with market capitalization reaching $236 billion.

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11 January, 2018 11:57

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Bank of Japan leaves bonds buying unchanged

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