Blockstream launches two data centres for bitcoin mining

Posted 09 August, 2019

On August 8, Blockstream inaugurated two large data centres designed for bitcoin mining. The capacities will be located in Quebec (Canada) and Adele (USA).

"Today we're excited to reveal Blockstream Mining and Pool, providing enterprise-class mining equipment colocation in our US & Canada data centers..." the company wrote on Twitter.

According to the released information, the facilities will service the company's clients as well as mine cryptocurrencies for Blockstream. The total capacity of the data centres will be 300 MW.

The company representative stated that they intend to provide service to smaller miners in the long run.

For reference, Blockstream services now two active clients – Fidelity investment and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn.

The new data centres will produce 6 EH/s for bitcoin mining at 100% capacity with up-to-date ASICs. A month ago, it would account for some 10% of the total hash rate of bitcoin. However, the rate has exceeded 80 EH/s by now.

Notably, the company is going to put on stream a mining pool to lure individual miners with BetteHash protocol.

This protocol is likely to become bring mining closer to lower centralization. BetterHash will enable miners to select transactions to be added to the block instead of the owner of the pool.
At the same time, the company spokesperson rejected the assumption that Blockstream can actually centralized mining. He noted that the company will use only a small part of capacities for their own mining operations, while the bulk of the facilities are available for users. Moreover, Blockstream intends to offers services to small miners, while BetterHash allows users to maintain their full nodes and create block patterns.

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