Bittrex to suspend operations for update on Wednesday

Posted 26 February, 2019

Bittrex crypto exchange scheduled to carry out maintenance and update the trading engine, so users will be temporarily unable to access their wallets or trade.

According to the company notice, the update process will be started on Wednesday, February 27, at 21:00 UTC. Thus, the platform will suspend fund deposits and withdrawals for 24 hours, while the trading process will be suspended by up to three hours, starting from 22:00 UTC.

"To implement this planned technology update, we’ll need to temporarily take markets offline and disable wallets. We are making this upgrade to continuously meet the growing demand and interest from current and new digital asset customers around the world," commented the company in the announcement.

The exchange also asks its clients to complete or cancel partially executed orders, since they will be cancelled during the update.

Conditional orders and the automatic sale function will be disabled for some period of time as well.

In the meantime, Bittrex(dot)com and International(dot)Bittrex(dot)com will remain operational, and customers will still be able to log in and check their balances.

According to Bittrex, the planned update will speed up the processing of orders 20-fold and gear up the platform for a number of additional functions to be introduced within 2019. Among them are Maker-Taker and other functions for liquidity providers and large traders, new ways to add fiats, improvements in account management (access to the full transaction history, account statements), new types of orders and options, including market orders, and more flexible conditional orders.

Customers will be updated on the overhaul in real time on the official page of the exchange on Twitter. More information can be found in the company blog on its official website.

Notably, Bittrex will support Constantinople and St. Petersburg updates in the Ethereum network.

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