Bittrex announces international trading service

Posted 30 October, 2018

The US-based crypto trading platform – Bittrex – inaugurates new business Bittrex International based on the Maltese platform. 

The company stated that the new division will feature upgraded listing and expanded opportunities for the professional traders worldwide. This platform represents a business rebranding of Bittrext Malta. 

"Bittrex International's more efficient token listing process combined with our reliable, secure and advanced trading platform technology will make it easy to quickly feature the newest, most innovative blockchain projects for our international partners and customers," said company CEO Bill Shihara in the press release.

It is worth mentioning that the international division will provide trading services to all existing clients of Bittrex, except for the US-based ones.

According to the company press release, trials of the new platform will take about a few weeks and are aimed at securing stable and optimal operations for global users. Bittrex pointed out that their new business will offer an upgraded listing procedure, which will take less time than before. For reference, earlier toke listing required months.

Another important feature will be no fees for listing. 

The company representative stated:

"And, because we believe it's more important for token teams to invest their time and money in technology and business development, Bittrex International — just like — will not charge a token listing fee."

The platform will comply with the EU and Malta's regulation.

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On Tuesday, Japanese crypto exchange, victim of the major hack for $534 million, Coincheck has announced the resumption of new user registration and buying of coins. The new account opening is said to be available only for Japan-based clients, as it was before the hack. Coincheck reportedly opens deposit/withdrawal services for bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In the long run, it plans to resume trading of Ethereum, NEM, Lisk, XRP and Factom upon confirmation of their security.  The parent company Monex, which acquired Coincheck later after the hack, appointed new management and expanded staff to 250 employees, twice as much as before.

Coincheck restarts operations step-by-step

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